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Ombudsman Services guidance on complaining effectively 

The things you need to know

 Firstly identify what you want to achieve, have a clear idea of what it is you want to achieve from complaining.

 Don’t get emotional – keep your anger in check and don’t get mad. Be assertive without being aggressive.

• Don’t be embarrassed – it’s your right to complain if you’re not satisfied.

 Admit your part in the problem if you have any fault.

 Address one complaint at a time, ensure what you say is clear and fair.

 Keep records of all correspondence, paperwork, bills and receipts, if asked to send them anywhere make sure you send photocopies and keep originals.

• If you’re not getting results complaining directly to the company, identify the person or organisation who has the power to make changes and help.

 If your complaint has not been resolved quickly (normally within eight weeks), you can take your complaint to an organisation like Ombudsman Services. The new service, www.consumer-ombudsman.org is open for any complaint outside financial services and is run by Ombudsman Services, which already operates the popular government-backed complaints schemes in energy and telecoms

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Need help making a complaint

Resolver.co.uk is free online tool and app that offers consumer guidance and simplifies the process of complaining. Resolver.co.uk takes you through the complaint process, helping you to draft emails or letters and even record telephone conversations for reference.

It stores each step of your correspondence in an individual case file and, if your complaint remains unresolved (even after taking it to the top of an organisation) it packages it up and sends it on to the relevant ombudsman service or regulator. 

Resolver.co.uk currently has more than 4,000 companies in its system covering energy, water, telecoms, motoring, insurance, restaurants, leisure services local councils and retail sectors.

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