Participating companies

​Is the company signed up to our scheme?

We can only resolve complaints about companies who participate in our scheme (listed on this page). If you submit a complaint about a company that doesn't participate in our scheme, unfortunately we will not be able to progress your complaint. You should contact the company to establish whether it participates in a different dispute resolution scheme. Alternatively, contact Citizens Advice - 0345 404 0506 (English) 0345 404 0505 (Welsh) .

Participating company eligibility

Any trader, as the ombudsman deems appropriate, may participate in the Consumer Ombudsman scheme and shall be deemed a participating company for the purposes of investigating any complaints that they have agreed to allow the Consumer Ombudsman scheme to investigate. In determining whether to allow a trader to become a participating company, the ombudsman shall adhere to the obligations imposed upon him or her to deal with disputes when he or she is competent to do so, as set out within the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015. More information is available in the Consumer Ombudsman terms of reference annex.

Are you a retailer interested in signing up to the Consumer Ombudman?

Visit our new business sign up page or contact Business Development on 01925 430 870 or email to find out more.


List of participating companies

Below is the list of companies signed up to Ombudsman Services: The Consumer Ombudsman. Last updated ​January 201​8..

Participating company Joining date
Andrew Crichton T/A Traditional Painter 14/12/2015
BBC TV Licensing ​12/12/2017
Baldwins Repair Group Ltd 26/08/2016
Bramfield Garage 09/09/2016
Browns Department Stores 20/01/2017
Cabot Finance 16/12/2015
Domestic & General Ltd 08/06/2016
Hartley’s Auctions 20/01/2017 
Hartwell 31/01/2017
Hawthorns Cars Ltd 30/06/2016
Homeshield Direct Limited 01/10/2018 
Just Automotive Solutions Ltd 17/03/2016
KC Sofas Ltd  24/08/2017
Kitchens By Design Norfolk Ltd 13/10/2016
Labrador 23/03/2017
Lawton Hotels T/A Leasowe Castle 13/05/2016
Lowell Group 03/02/2016
New Look 01/02/2016
Plumbnation 09/09/2016
Panasonic 14/11/2017
Safehands Consultants Ltd 23/03/18 
Shire Structures Ltd 13/07/2016
Uswitch 20/10/2015


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